Lyrics – Bandit


(from the album Tales From East Kentucky by Larry Cordle releasing summer of 2018)

Verse 1
Folks call me a bandit a downright common thief
I make my livin’ stealin’ corn two mile up the creek
There’s a bounty on my tail by the dark of the moon
them ‘ol hound dogs are on my tail it’s a sad life for a coon

Run all night sleep all day never spend a dollar
All I own is on my back in an old tree up the holler

Verse 2

Old man McBride’s got friends of mine dryin’ in the sun
But he ain’t gonna tan my hide long as I can run
I done fooled old blue a time or two, but I’m all out of tricks
He’s about to put me up a tree
Oh lordy what a fix


Verse 3
Now here I sit upon a limb
They’ve got me dead to rights
Old Lance points his gun and grins
He’s got me in his sights
Then he sets his rifle down and shakes me to the ground
Looks like I’ll live to run again
If I can whip these hounds