Lyrics – Yardbird




Yardbird, yardbird a peckin’ on the ground
Yardbird, yardbird head goes up and down
Make some real good dumplins, when Sunday rolls around
Yardbird, yardbird a peckin’ on the ground

Verse 1

I remember Mamaw Polly
With her apron full of corn
he drop some down around her feet
And the chickens they would swarm
She’d snatch one up and ring its neck
The feathers they would fly
Then we’d fight over the pulley bone
Once she had him fried


Verse 2:

Old chicken eatin’ John
After church he’ d come for dinner
He’d eat up all the white meat  After preachin’ to the sinners
He’d leave a great big pile of bones How he could scarfe it down
Thank God we had yardblrds peckin’ on the ground